10 SELF-DESTRUCTIVE Things you must stop doing on Facebook

Facebook is already part of our lives and it has been shown to play a very important role in our daily mood because we depend more and more on this network to be happy. So then I will tell you 10 things that you should stop doing or else they can bring you problems such as depression or anxiety.

1. Stop seeing how many likes your posts have.

Many times we want people to like the things we publish, because that's how we feel important or interesting. Do not do it, express what you want but for the sake of yourself, not to please someone else.

2. Do not mess around every day to see if your ex already has a new girlfriend.

Many of us have done this countless times. We will only hurt ourselves, let him make his life and you continue with yours.

3. Do not jump into the drama just to get attention.

There is nothing worse than wanting to attract attention by writing publications such as: "This time I think I can not do it any more, goodbye". You will only scare people away.

4. "Now yes, I will delete my account."

Many we have said and we even got rid of it, but 3 days later we came back and we only got worse. If you want to leave Facebook just do it and now, there is no reason to shout it to the 4 winds.

5. Do not eliminate people to whom you know you will end up sending the request again.

It is common that sometimes we get angry with someone, and in the heat of the lawsuit we eliminate it. Do not do it since it is very possible that when you pass them both, they will be added again and it will only wear away your friendship.

6. Do not get involved in other people's talks.

It is common to see that you get to defend a friend or give your opinion trying to attack another person, if you do not think what you publish, simply choose the option to hide your publications. Avoid fights.

7. Count how many people congratulated you on your birthday.

Remember that no matter the amount, what matters is that the people you really want to show you the same. It does not matter if they are 2 or 20, always the quality will be the best.

8. Send hints.

If you have a problem with someone it is better to treat them in person, it is very ugly to hide behind a computer and give yourself the courage to speak without being clear against another person. It will make you look bad because someone else might think that this comment is for him or her without having anything to do with it.

9. "Brag" your location.

If you're at the Miley Cyrus concert, better enjoy it, it's a good time to get away from social networks, there's no reason to tell everyone you're there.

10. Send friend requests to someone you do not know.

Dedicate to meet people in real life. It will be much more fun and beneficial for you.

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