23 Sweets you ate in your childhood and today you can not find anywhere

This content will transport them to their childhood and I am sure they will remember the taste of most of these goodies. I know that many of them have already been discontinued and others are very difficult to find, but in your memory they will always be there.

1. Popeye chewing gum.

If you tried them, the quilted texture of these chewing gums and their aroma made you not want to share them with anyone. Having them was a luxury since they were a bit expensive.

2. Butterfinger.

If you never tasted it, you missed out on the richest chocolate that ever existed, I'm not exaggerating.

3. Cherry Coca-Cola.

Unfortunately they only sold it for a short season. I still remember the excellent combination of Coca-Cola Cherry + Popcorn + a movie.

4. Pepsi Blue.

Although its flavor was quite acceptable, its color was what hypnotized you.

5. Ice of Coca Cola.

Fuf! The best Icee taste I've tasted, too bad that now you can not find it anywhere.

6. Chaparritas.

Today I have only been able to find them in clandestine taquerias where the meat they serve is of dubious origin.

7. Red Mundet.

The most exquisite soda that has been invented.

8. Beehives.

I know you remember them and daily dream of them coming back. I can also guess that your favorites were the blue ones.

9. Poky.

More than having a good flavor, its teddy bear container made them irresistible. :3

10. Lucas acidito.

Your mouth is just watering. Not a little?

11. Chupi Frut.

The classic packaging was incredible, since you turned a plastic to be able to open it. The best of all is that after taking it was an excellent weapon to throw water and wet your brothers / friends.

12. Little shoes.

The world was better with the little scrapers, I still remember seeing my dad arrive with 10 and put them in the freezer.

13. Chupi Pack.

It was something similar to Duvalin. Very rich!

14. Mamilitas with chewing gum.

I do not know about you, but I used to throw the gum and I used the bottle to play with my Barbies.

15. Motita chewing gum.

The banana ones were the best, I miss them. :(

16. Lemon 7.

Exquisitely acidic, salty and delicious.

17. Ring Pop.

I believed a lot when I brought one in my hand, it was terrible when you finished it and you had the plastic cigar.

18. Candy Sours.

Milk-style boxes that brought in miniature sweets of flavors, will always be in my heart.

19. Vampire and Finger Palette.

I will not rest until I see these ice pops in stores again.

20. Doritos Salsa Verde.

The best Doritos that have ever existed, I do not understand the reason to get them out of the market.

21. Chocolate cigars.

I bet when you put the cigar in your mouth you felt like an adult.

22. Sugus.

That revealing moment when you realized that his name does not change if you say it from back to front.

23. Lalita Congelada.

What good memories when after physical education class you were running to the cooperative to buy your frozen lalita. The first thing you did was ask if there was an apple. You remember?

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Have a beautiful day!

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