Phrases that describe a mop woman

A mop woman is one who knows that she is beautiful, that she fights for what she wants, that she is not behind anyone, who does not allow herself to be trampled, who has her character on, who knows she is intelligent, charming and leaves a mark on where Whatever goes.

These phrases describe a part of his person:

Only that moment, ladies and gentlemen, and yet we are ready to ruin the manicure in order to defend ourselves.

We are so kind.

I don't need anyone to give me what I can earn myself.

Simpler than thunder fingers.

I need a Superman that is at my height.

The word women defines everything.

I said!

It's the only thing I'm missing in this life.

It is called cunning.

Independent to be able to bounce with the crossed arms to any scumbag that crosses us along the way.

Because if I told you everything I've done, you wouldn't believe it.

And yes, this phrase describes us every month.

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