Don't let the stars go down, tattoo them on your skin!

Have you been promised the moon and the stars and are you still waiting for that to happen? Don't waste your time anymore because that won't happen, if you want a star for yourself, you'll have to get it yourself.

And what better than a tattoo? These designs are out of this world.

The stars can be exactly as you imagine them.

And give them your favorite color.

Use your moles to create constellations.

Make them part of your pulse.

Camouflage them between the moles on your back.

Make them look like star dust.

Or create your own universe.

Everything is possible if you can imagine it.

Your universe in a vase.

A tiny necklace of stars.

As drawn by a child.

Or inside a beautiful bird.

They can have a beautiful and deep meaning.

Place them in the part you like best.

Or make them look like a mole.