Ideas to give photos to your boyfriend on Valentine's Day

When it comes to giving gifts and we do not have much budget, the ideal is always to create something with our own hands that in addition to helping us not spend more than we have, also that special person will know how much we care and how much we love her.

An excellent idea to achieve that goal is to give away photos that remind you of unique moments he has lived with you. And just below we will give you ideas to give them in an original way.

If you don't have an instax camera, don't worry! Save images that you have in your face or instagram, adjust the size and when you cut them leave a “Polaroid” style frame.

Write a letter telling you everything you feel, song phrases, local jokes, etc ... and decorate with photos of you two.

Create a constellation of memories on the wall of your room.

You can create an album, but put a little wave with washi tape.

If you have a notebook or agenda that you no longer use, don't throw it away! Take advantage of the pasta, form it, and create a handmade album.

Imagine the emotion you would feel when opening the door of your room and find this decoration. Don't forget to get black, red and white balloons!

The classic clothesline with frame. It will never go out of style! It will look super cute in your room.

A pendant made with a branch. A very creative and original idea.

An excellent way to recycle a shoe box.

The best calendar you have ever had in your life.

You can also give a frameless gift. I recommend you buy a canvas and paste the photos on it. You can find it in drawing shops.

A newspaper is always an excellent gift regardless of age or whether it is male or female. We all need a space to write our thoughts.

Obviously the cover is with your best Instagram photos.

If you have another gift, make the wrap something special.