Flowers and stripes a combination that you have to try now!

We have always believed that different prints do not combine with each other. Fortunately, fashion has changed and evolved into infinite and increasingly beautiful combinations. This is how stripes and flowers have had the opportunity to intertwine paths to give us divine outfits.

Ideally, if you are going to combine these two prints look for similar tones in the patterns, so that it is a harmonious and striking look. In addition, you should not overload the looks with accessories, so that the focus is on the combination of prints.

You can make contrasts with these patterns, as long as the stripes, for example, are black and white and the flowers provide the color, or vice versa.

Add this combination to your office looks.

Combining prints has never been so simple and beautiful.

You can choose simple and subtle patterns.

And here the combination of tones in the patterns is perfectly exemplified.

You can choose which garments you will focus on the prints.

Stripes and flowers can come in different presentations.

You will not be exaggerated if you avoid accessories.

In shoes it combines perfectly.

Your beach days will never be the same.

You define how to use prints.

Wear monochromatic outfits if you decide to include both prints on the shoes.

It is time for you to pay more attention to the prints.

They are there waiting to be combined.

One of the prints may be the protagonist and the other only a touch of color.

Surely in your closet you have clothes that can be combined.

The subtle is a perfect option to start losing your fear.

Look what a beautiful thing!