Tips for you to finally come out well in a photo using the front camera

The photos taken with the front camera are not the best, first because most have a bad definition, and secondly because that camera hates people in general. And it seems that no matter how many times you try, you will always go terribly wrong.

But don't suffer anymore, there are some tips that will help you get out better with that demon chamber.

Never take it from below

The biggest mistake we make when wanting to take a selfie with the front camera is to do it from below. So it only seems that we have a double chin and cheeks the size of the planet. No one favors that position. Try to take it from above so that what stands out are your cheekbones.

Go to the light

Look for natural light of preference, or a well-lit area inside. This will reduce shadows that can cause rare effects on your face.

Use all your angles

Do not always take photos using the same profile and the same pose. If you do not experiment with all the angles of your face you will not know which ones favor you the most.

Do not look at the camera!

Try not to stare at the camera, this causes us to squint or make our eyes look really weird. So put your eyes on something else.

You don't have to do something with your mouth

You don't have to simulate a kiss, stick out your tongue or do anything else strange every time you take a picture. A natural smile is enough, so your features will not look weird when using that camera.

Take the picture too close

For what you want most do not take the photos with the front camera attached to your pores. Your face will only look huge and formless. Keep it as far as you can.

Use a selfie stick

If your arm is not long enough to prevent your face from deforming in that camera, use a selfie stick, it will help you choose the right angle and height to get perfect.

Use the timer

If your arms are flat like those of a T-rex and you don't have a selfie stick, then use the timer. Place the phone on a surface, run, pose and beg the sky that that camera does not betray you.

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