15 Reasons why you need a best man friend

Having a best friend is the best thing that can happen to any girl, rather than having advantages, it is also very fun, even when you have to explain to everyone that what they have is nothing more than a very good friendship or that you are not friendzoning .

I'm not saying that having female friends is bad, I'm just saying that you should also have a best friend in your friendships and these are the reasons:

They are more protective

Everyone knows that men have that more developed protective instinct than girls. He will never let you go alone or know how to distinguish between a good boy or a scumbag when someone likes you and they will tell you, because you care.

Less drama

Usually, boys are less dramatic than a girl, for example, he won't get angry if you plant it at the last minute; or if you bought the same patalón that he or if you like the same boy, because obviously it will not happen.

You take your inner boy

When you are with him, you can not help letting out that masculine side that you have and you get to do nonsense like any boy, bet on nonsense, do crazy things, you dare to do things that sometimes with girls you would not dare.

Dirty jokes

A friendly relationship with a boy is very funny, they are always making monthly jokes and you can always tell dirty jokes without shame to judge you or to not laugh at him, the simple fact that you try will make him laugh.

His parents like him

It is almost law that you will like your parents very well, perhaps more than once they will praise you or him in order to join them, such as "My son graduated from high school with 98, he is very clever" or a " You are very pretty, I don't know why my son is not with you. ”

You can talk about anything

No matter what time it is, they are always ready for illogical telephone conversations, to answer you monthly whatsapp jokes or to post nasty videos on your wall, because let's admit it girls, they don't change their mood as much as we do.

You can go out more

The safest thing is that your best friend and your parents get along very well, so when you go out and tell them that you are going with him, they let you out with all the confidence in the world, they already know that he will take care of you and return you.

They are very honest

They keep you with your feet on the ground, when you are daydreaming with your crazy dreams, they are not like “yes… do it… you can” and it is not that they are a few ruins dreams, they rather pose the situation seriously, so that Don't get hurt alone.

They teach you things

More than your parents, your best friend will have more patience and can teach you how to drive. Although it seems that he is having a heart attack, deep down they trust you; They can teach you construction, mechanics, change a tire, among other useful things.

Your compliments

Maybe the boys are not so good at giving you their compliments and you will only receive very few of them, but believe me, they are the most real and sincere that you can receive, because they don't even think about them, they just say them.

You learn from them

A best male friend can reinforce your knowledge of general culture, with topics that many girls are not interested in, such as topics such as alcohol, sports or cars.

When you get sick

I say it from my own experience, when you get sick, a best friend is one of the first to be there for you.

Do not try anything with your friendship

A true best friend identifies with you more as an older brother, and not as a boyfriend.

They are unconditional

They will always be there for you, no matter what day or time, if you are in trouble they are the first to help you, they are selfless, they just want you to be well.

The fights

Most of the time we are fighting with them, but they are harmless fights of those that arise from bothering all the time. It doesn't matter if you win or lose the fight, in the end we know we love that crazy relationship we have.

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