Fashion rules that will make you feel good about yourself

Surely they have heard thousands of times the phrase "fashion what suits you" Well, I do not know anyone who pays attention, I always see mega uncomfortable women who can not take another step with those heels, or those who They put on a killer girdle to get into a tight dress and hundreds of other cases of torture.

That is why we have invented new rules that I am sure you will love and that will make you feel better about yourself and the way you dress.

You like it, put it on!

How many times have you gone shopping, you see something nice, you try it on, but you immediately sabotage yourself by telling yourself that it is not for you, or worse, you only see it and do not even try it. Enough of that, if you like to use it, you have to stop dressing for others and start dressing for ourselves.

Never too short

I know many girls who feel uncomfortable wearing a dress, a skirt or a short shorts. It's always the same excuse "it's too short." Not so, try new things, try yourself.

Yes it's for you

You go to your favorite clothing store, you find a beautiful blouse, you take it, you try it on top, you know you love it and what do you do? you leave it because you tell yourself that it is not for you, that you don't have the figure etc. Yes it is for you, if you want it will be.

Bikinis are not exclusive to flat bellies

The beach is going to enjoy not a fashion and body contest. Stop worrying about what others will say. If you fell in love with that bikini at first sight or have always wanted one, buy them!

Buy sexy underwear

Stop thinking that sexy underwear is for when you have a boyfriend or get married. Sexy underwear is also for you. Try, buy a cute set and see how you feel much more sensual.

You are not required to wear heels

There are many girls who do not like to wear heels, they hurt, they are uncomfortable and difficult to handle and yet they are forced to wear them in formal events. Send them to hell if you don't like them, today there are beautiful flats that are left with long dresses.

Don't let makeup control you

It is always the same, in the day you should put on subtle makeup and at night much stronger. Well no, you can make up super subtle at night without any problem.

What does it matter if bra braces are noticed?

This is something that personally annoys me, having to wear different bras depending on what you are going to wear, and if the brace appears, it is already a sin. To hell, everything!

Wear comfortable panties

I don't know if it happens to them, but I always fight in the street when the underpants get out of order or get into places where I shouldn't be. So I already bought a wide and comfortable to not have that problem, the sexy can wait to have their chance.

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