10 Outfits that we should all copy to Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is the living image of the evolution of a girl and it is that this artist has been gradually transformed until she reaches the point where she is today. She has managed to leave behind that childish image with which we all met her to show us a more mature and sexy facet.

His style reflects this and these are undoubtedly the outfits that we should copy.

A sweatshirt as a dress and also some boots above the knee, is there a sexier lake?

If you still don't dare to wear a bralette, check how well Ariana looks.

She shows that tops don't have to be extremely revealing for them to look good.

Elegance is not fought with age.

The coolest airport look of the century.

So you eliminate your prejudices about overalls.

Shoulderless tops with beautiful wide waist pants.

Perfect for coffee or shopping.

Skirt, sweatshirt and booties, a strange mix that works great.

So you can see that sweatshirts can look sexy.

Video: $3,000 Vs. $150 Ariana Grande Outfit (October 2019).