Say goodbye to your hair because these cuts await you this 2017

It is tradition for many girls to change their look the first month of the year, to start over, look different and completely refresh their image. So if you are in those, today we have brought you the 6 cuts that come with all this year.

Say goodbye to your hair because that's how you have to look. Which one are you going to choose?

Long bob

The cut Bob was the protagonist this 2016 but that is not why he is going to retire as well as nothing this new year. So if you didn't try this look, it's your moment. The height of the cut is average, so you will not have it small or long The perfect height!


The main feature of this cut are its layers and its abundant fringe. The tufts are blunt and protrude everywhere. The best way to show it is by just waving the hair just a little like in the picture.


It is very similar to Bob, but it has a light, bushy and scruffy fringe that will further frame your face. The hair goes in long layers but does not reach the shoulders. The tips are scruffy not couples


The height of this cut should only reach a little below the chin, it has to be a mix between the wavy, the straight and the disheveled.


The cut should reach just the chin, neither more nor less, the fringe is thick and straight, while the rest of the hair has a slight volume in disheveled layers.


The pixie cut we know well although not many dare. The trend this year is a bit longer pixie. With an undercut and the top some long layers.

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