5 Questions to find out what kind of mom you are

There are times when we feel that we exaggerate a lot with the work of mom or when we are with our friends who are also moms, we come to believe that we do not know anything about our little ones or that we are doing things wrong.

Are there days when you feel doubtful about your work as a mother? I've also been through that feeling.

In those little moments when we can get away from mom's work, I gave myself a space to answer a Quiz from a magazine that I found and I would like to share it with you.

Discover The Great Truth Are you too tolerant or too severe as a mom? Take 5 minutes of your time and find out.

Your child returns from school drenched in mud, you:
a) You look for the teacher to tell her not to let him out of the classroom.
b) You explain that you should take care of your clothes while having fun.
c) You receive it with pleasure without saying anything.

Your son has a fever, you:

a) You don't waste a minute and take it to the emergency room.
b) You talk to someone you know to talk about the symptoms.
c) You watch it and decide to wait the next day.

Your son makes tantrum in the supermarket because he wants sweets, you:

a) You stand firm and do not buy anything.
b) You don't need to tantrum, you know you can choose only one.
c) You try to be firm but give in a little.

To dress it:

a) You buy all his clothes without asking for his opinion.
b) You ask him from time to time what he wants.
c) He himself chooses his shirts of his favorite characters.

You help your children to do their homework:

a) I always sit down to review what they do.
b) Only if you ask me.
c) I know you don't need my help.


Majority of A - An energetic mom, you like being a perfectionist. It has nothing to do with you being a bad mother, you may have many more things to solve that you don't want anything to get out of your hands. Just try to relax a little once in a while.

Majority of B - You know how to find a balance like mom. You know what they need and pay attention to their needs.

Majority of C - You're an inexperienced mom. You are not a bad mother, you just need to improve some aspects, your children need more attention. But don't worry, you can learn little by little to know how to face mom's role.

No doubt this little Quiz gave me more peace of mind because I know that the work of being a mother is not easy and although sometimes I have doubts, I realize that I am not doing anything wrong.

And you, what results did you have?

Remember that nothing is said in the kind of mother you are and nobody can judge you, but sometimes we look for answers that can comfort us with the work we do every day.

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