Photos in the bathroom that your Instagram lacks

Selfies in the bathroom are the most common thing in this universe. We have all made at least a couple (although we do not publish them on social networks), and it is almost impossible to resist a large mirror when you see it and you have it there alone at your disposal.

But if you look, all the photos in the bathroom mirror; whether public or your home, they are always the same. Let's take a turn and take those we need. Check which ones you have and which you don't and get down to work.

Get a little crazy. If there is no one around, take advantage and take a crazy photo.

Take advantage that you go with your friend to take a picture like that.

A beautiful and sexy photo. Just take care that the one who takes the picture does not come out in the mirror or the joke is lost.

Another angle, same mirror, same technique.

Take a selfie and take care of your skin at the same time.

Just don't do this pose when you bring a skirt.

A different way of showing off the rear.

Bralettes are the best accessories in front of the mirror.

Going out of the bath, with the towel still on the head.

A different angle ...

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