14 Tumblr ideas posing sitting without showing your face

There are times when we are with our friends and from one moment to another they go crazy wanting to take selfies, the problem is that many times we do not feel “pretty” enough either to not have slept well or not to bring makeup on the face. For those occasions, it is precisely these ideas, so that you do not “depart” during that time from them and to take advantage of having incredible photos for your Instagram or Stories.

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Instead of your suitcase, you can put your backpack or anything else. The point is the female sitting.

It analyzes very well the angle and the way in which they place their head, hair, arms, etc ... to achieve an incredible result.

A super idea to give an alternative touch and cover your face at the same time.

Don't be sad to do them.

Any place is good to grab it as a location.

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